• Other people will feel bad for not having a phone.

  • Your phone rings and interrupts the whole class.

  • At school, instead of talking and playing games, everyone just uses their phone.

  • You are able to use your phone to call for help.

  • You bring your phone to school, and it breaks.

  • You use your phone to cheat on a test.

  • Your mom calls while you are in school.

  • You use your phone to record evidence
    while another student
    calls for help.

  • You get distracted in class, and the
    teacher is upset.

  • Oh no! You took your phone to school and lost it!

  • It's hard to keep up with all of your text messages, because of distracting schoolwork.

  • You can carry your reading and writing materials in your pocket!

  • Now there's no need to pay attention in class.You can just look everything up on Google!

  • There is a gas leak at school. You phone an adult to bring you home.

  • There's a lockdown at school. You're able to let your mom know you're OK.

  • The student next to you is talking on the phone all through class.

  • Your friend is stuck in a van, but is able to text for help

  • During a big test,

    you use your phone to cheat.

  • You can watch the clock without looking up from your desk.


You are


phones in school

% of your responses are bringing phones to school.